I change the computer, how do i backup and restore (or transfer) the data in Automatic Email Manager?

You can backup easily all your data like accounts, actions, filters, and printed data. Just copy the following folder to your backup device (usb key / cloud / hdd / Floppy! / ...) and then restore on new computer at exactly same place, even if the version on new computer is different):

For Windows copy this folder:


note: AEMx can be AEM4 / AEM5 / AEM6 / AEM7, depending on the version you were running

To new computer at exactly same place:


IMPORTANT NOTE: When you open your Windows file explorer it is possible that you don't see the folder c:\programdata, because by default it is a hidden folder in Windows, you have just to enter the folder name in the address bar on top of the file explorer:

Then install latest version of Automatic Email Manager on new computer:


If you want to install an older version you have to contact us with your old license information. 

NOTE: If you want to upgrade from a previous version 6 or 5 or 4 and you had run Automatic Email Manager on new computer before copying the old data, it will not be imported, you need to quit first Automatic Email Manager (menu file, then quit), and delete manually the file: 
Then restart Automatic Email Manager.