It is very easy to set a condition on a group of actions to exclude some emails.

1. Edit the group of actions and click on 'Next', you will see the condition panel:

  • Click on 'Add a rule'
  • Set the rule: If sender is NOT in this list
  • Click on 'Edit the lists' to create your new list of emails

Condition rule to exclude an email

2. The lists edition is displayed, click on 'Add'

  • Now enter a name to identify the list
  • Add the emails addresses to add in this list, you can also add a part of the email, for example: or order@

Edit the list of emails to exclude

3. Now select the list you just created in the rule

Select the list in the rule to exclude


4. Conclusion:

Now the group of actions will process the actions (print email, save email, ...) only if the sender of the email is include in the list you created. You can do the same to process email only if the sender is include in the list ;)