How to print only PDF attachments from specific emails?

Modified on Wed, 21 Sep 2022 at 04:09 PM

For example, you receive invoices in PDF format, you want to process and print only the invoices and do nothing else for the other emails. Of course it is easy to do the same for other actions like Saving email on disk or forward an email...

Instructions to set actions

Step 1: Edit the scenario

  • Click on the ‘SCENARIOS’ button, select the scenario you want to edit or create a new one

Create a scenario

Step 2: You can see the list of actions for this scenario

  • Add the action ‘Print attachments'.

Add action

Step 3: Settings for the action ‘Print attachments’

  • Select the printer, then click on ‘More options’, now in the condition choice, choose ‘contains’ and add the data .pdf.

    That’s mean the action will print only if the file attachment contains .PDF, so it will prints only pdf file. You can add multiple files extensions or filename part, just don't forget to add 1 data per line. 

  • Then valid this action

Set condition for attachments

Step 4: Now we add the condition to process specific emails

  • Click on next button, you are in the condition panel, simply add a rule and set the keywords for example like this:

Rules to filter emails

Apply the scenario to the account you want to use, that’s all.

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