ToDoIst is a great task service with free account and premium functions, it lets you organize your work and life, finally. Now from Automatic Email Manager you can easily publish a task in any project in ToDoIst when a new email is coming.

Instructions to set the action

Step 1: Edit the scenario you want to use, add the action 'Send http command':

Select action to call an API

Step 2: Fill the action with these settings:

Action for TodoIst


  • Do you need authentification: Set the key to: Bearer , for the value you have to use the API key provided in your ToDoIst account (Settings -> Integrations -> Api token)

Todoist settings for Api token

  • In the Json value you need the content with the data you want (for example:   
    {"content": "My new task: %EMAIL_SUBJECT%", "project_id": "23xxxxx28"}
    • To find the project_id value: It is easy, your project id is the number in the url when you are in the ToDoIst website: In the example below, it is: 2301553628

You can set the field of the email you want in the content value, click on right of the box to choose the available field like: %EMAIL_SUBJECT%