In some cases you need a specific AddOn to meet your needs, like finding a specific text in email body and run an external program, or download a file from a link in email,...

Step 1: Describe your need to get a price

We can evaluate the cost to customize the program for you, please follow these questions:

  • How many licenses do you need on first order?
  • Describe exactly the function you need; with all the information you can give.

Step 2: How we proceed?

  • You accept the customization, and we make the change in a specific version and we send you a link to test it. - When it meets your needs, you purchase the regular license(s) for Automatic Email Manager. Then we send you a link to pay the customization and you receive a link to download the final release.

    Note: make sure the product meets your needs because we don't refund due to the 30-day trial.