It asks me for O365 authentification for each new email

Modified on Thu, 13 Oct 2022 at 04:26 PM

Since the last Microsoft changes with O365 and modern authentification, there is some changes also in Automatic Email Manager. In particular when you use the action 'Send email', 'Reply email', 'Forward email', if Automatic Email Manager asks you for authentification each time a new email is processed, that's mean your SMTP is not set as expected, or the action to send email uses another email address in the field FROM.

Please follow the steps below to find the problem:

Step 1: Edit the account in Automatic Email Manager:

  • Move to the step 3
  • Click on 'More options', then 'Set SMTP'

Edit smtp for O365

Step 2: Do you use a shared email address?

  • If yes, you must enter in the login field the email address used to sign in the account.
  • If no, you must enter the email address of the account (default value).
  • After this checking you can valid and close the SMTP edition.

SMTP with modern authentification

Step 3: Move to the list of scenarios

  • Edit the scenario which has the action to send / reply / forward
  • Now in the field 'FROM' it must be the email address of the account (shared email address or login email address) or let the default value: %EMAIL_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS%.
    It can't be an Alias or an address different than the one in account. It is not a restriction of Automatic Email Manager, but simply Microsoft doesn't allow you to send email with a different email address.

Send email action settings

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