Use fields functions to extract part of your data

Modified on Tue, 23 Apr 2024 at 04:01 PM

When utilizing data fields in various scenarios such as saving emails to folder or printing emails with fields or sending a message to Telegram, it is possible to extract only a portion of the data or change a value. This functionality proves useful when dealing with lengthy strings and you only require a specific section, such as an email or an order number.

Example: let's consider a scenario where you want to save an email to a folder using the email's unique ID as part of the folder or filename. However, the ID is quite long, like "%22456464xcvrg4vcv@sgdcv12%". In this case, you can extract only the last 4 digits by using the following function: RIGHT(%EMAIL_ID%, 4).

The following functions are available for your use:

- LEFT(field,X) = extract the X number of characters from the start (for example LEFT("Order received from King of Flowers", 5) return "Order")

- RIGHT(field,X) = extract the X number of characters from the end (for example RIGHT("Order received from King of Flowers", 7) return "Flowers")

- MID(field,X,Y) = extract the Y number of characters from the X position (for example MID("Order received from King of Flowers", 6, 8) return "received")

- REPLACE(field,SearchValue,ReplaceValue) = replace the SearchValue by the ReplaceValue, for example REPLACE(%EMAIL_BODY_TEXT%,Bearish,Sell)

- REMOVE(field,RemoveValue) = remove the value in the string, for example REMOVE(%EMAIL_BODY_TEXT%,Bearish)

- REGEX() = use regular expressions to extract data, this function is particular and requires some computer skills. For more information on RegEx please check these sites:

Here some basic examples to use REGEX in the fields:
- Extract all numbers in the email subject field:

- Exclude the characters #: in the attachment filename:

- Exclude some keywords: in the attachment filename:

- Exclude the characters FW: in subject of email:

- Extract words ending with .mp3 or .mp4 or .avi:

- Extract text between a word and another:
REGEX(%EMAIL_BODY%,(?<=My words).[^last word]*)

- Extract message till a specific word:

Use right function to extract data

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