Action: Send/post an HTTP command to any webserver or api

Modified on Fri, 16 Jun 2023 at 10:00 AM

This action allows you to invoke an HTTP endpoint, with the option to include JSON content. It proves beneficial when you need to call an API or a web page based on incoming emails. In practical scenarios, you can configure a group of actions using this feature to trigger an API call when a specific email arrives. This can be particularly useful for sending alerts, for instance.

Settings to call a Web API

Here the settings:

- URL: Enter the web address to call. You can use the fields link to add fields in the url like email subject, addresses, and much more.

- Do you need to add header value: You can add a key and a value in the http header call, generally it is used for authentication. You can add only 1 key and 1 value. 

- You can post JSON value: If you want to transfer some data, just add it here in JSON format, like in the UL you have access to the full list of email fields like subject, attachments name, addresses,…

This action supports the generic Fail Action, which let you do another action if this one fails, we suggest you to read more on the ‘Fail Action’ here ».

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