What are the conditions?

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When performing actions such as printing or saving, you have the option to selectively process these actions for specific emails. You can establish multiple rules based on the subject, email content, sender, and more. This feature makes it effortless to avoid printing or processing spam or junk emails.

1. Create or edit a scenarios

Navigate to the Scenarios section, edit or create a scenario, and click 'next'.

2. Conditions specific to this scenario

You can add an unlimited number of rules that will determine how the email is processed. If the email does not meet the specified criteria, the actions in this scenario will not be applied.

Click 'Add a rule', then select the field to test:

  • If sender: It is the email address and the name if specified
  • If recipient (including TO / BCC / CC): It is the email(s) address
  • If subject: Subject of the email
  • If date: Date of the email received
  • If size: In kilobit
  • If email body: Content of the email
  • If has attachment: Flag to indicate if attachment is present or not
  • If attachment name: If one of the attachment name
  • If email raw data: Content of full email, including header
  • If email priority is: Priority of the email 

For each field you will have the choice for the operator: Is Equal, Contains, doesn't contain,... Just select the one you need and enter the data.

At right of each rule you have a check box to specify the rule as optional, if not set that's mean all rules must match (logic operator AND).

3. Optionally, you have the ability to specify an advanced scheduler.

This feature allows you to define specific day and time ranges for executing the conditions (rules).


4. To conclude:

You can set a lot of rules to filter and process emails, here some examples:

Exclude some emails examples:

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