It is very easy to collect the e-mail addresses for your incoming e-mails and then use them in the conditions of each group of actions, or you simply collect the e-mails to an external file in text format which you will use directly in other software like Excel, your CRM solution SAP, HubSpot, SalesForce, Dynamics, ...

settings action to collect emails

Here the possible settings:

- Which email(s) to save: You can collect different email addresses like email of the sender, the recipient and the copy carbon (cc) / blind copy carbon (bcc), generally you choose the sender but if you want you can extract all the 3 at same time.

- Save in a user list: In the condition you can use rule to process the group if the sender is from a specific user list, with this option you can populate the list of your choice. (The address is added only if it does not exist in the selected list). 

Click on right link ‘Edit the lists’ to edit or create new user list. Read more on user list here. 

- Save in a text file: To populate a text file with the email addresses, you have just to specify the folder and file name. Keep in minds that the duplicate email address is not tested when saving in a text file, we just append the email address to the file.

NOTE: This action supports the generic Fail Action, which let you do another action if this one fails, we suggest you to read more on the ‘Fail Action’ here ».