Action: Print a document separator

Modified on Fri, 16 Jun 2023 at 10:03 AM

When using Automatic Email Manager to print email messages and/or attachments, you have the option to include a document separator. This separator can be a blank page, a colored page from a different tray, or a page containing information from the email.

This action allows for convenient separation of print jobs. In practical terms, emails are printed throughout the day, and when you collect the documents, you can visually distinguish each email by the separator. Additionally, you can reuse the separator paper by placing it back into the appropriate tray.

Action to print separator between each email

Here the settings:

- On this printer: Choose the printer to which you wish to add the paper separator. Typically, this printer is the same one used to print your email body. Click on 'Settings' to configure preferences such as margins, tray selection, and more.

- You can add text or leave blank to re-use the paper: We recommend leaving it blank to save paper. However, in certain cases, you may need to print the date and time of email reception, along with additional information such as attachment filenames and email subjects. Simply click on the 'Fields' link on the right to view the available fields.

- Font name: If you print text on the separator page you can specify the font name and size.

- Position: Select the text position on the paper between the 9 possibilities, from top let to bottom right.

This action supports the generic Fail Action, which let you do another action if this one fails, we suggest you to read more on the ‘Fail Action’ here ».

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