Explain me: what is the Fail Action?

Modified on Fri, 16 Jun 2023 at 10:04 AM

This is a fallback action that will be triggered in the event of a failure in the parent action. For instance, if the action to save the email as a PDF encounters an error, you can execute an alternate action to retry on a different printer or send an email notification or alert.

Rescue action if main fails

Here the settings:

- Continue to the next action normally: This is the default value, if an error occurs it continues normally to the next action, but you will be notified normally with an alert message in Automatic Email Manager.

- Continue to the next group of actions if one exists: Automatic Email Manager stops to process the actions in the current group and go to the next group, if no other group of actions exists it will go to the next message. 

- Stop here for this email: Go directly to the next email.

- Do this action: Choose a new action to do, for example if saving the email to a network folder fails, you can set the action to save in a local folder and continue normally. If this rescue action fails you can’t do anything more (we have to stop at a moment!).

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