When you receive an email you can send a customized reply.

If you use an Office365 account with modern authentification, i suggest you this information >

Reply email options

Note: The recipient email address is automatically set as it is a reply it will use the address from email. By default the norm RFC 3834 to not reply to a robot is managed, to get more information on this option please check the Options section. 

- From: Enter the email address you want to use to send email. Make sure this email can be used with your SMTP. 

- With template: Select the model of email you want, you can easily add new one by clicking on 'Edit' and save under a new name. 

- Subject line: You can enter the subject and/or use fields from original email 

- Attachment: If you want to add attachment, it is easy. Choose to add a file or all files in a folder (you can for example set action to save on disk email converted in PDF and send it by email).