A user list is a list of data, generally email (dupont@johndoe.com) or part of email (@johndoe.com), which is used in the condition of each group of actions (print, save,…) to process message or not.

Example: We want to print and delete all emails which are from a friends list: Simply edit the group of actions and add a rule like this ‘If sender’ is in the list ‘friends list’.

User list interface

The Conditions use user list

How to populate the lists?

You can populate the list manually by editing the list (top menu ‘TOOLS’, then ‘Your lists’).

Right click on the list of emails displayed in Automatic Email Manager and choose in the menu ‘Add this email to a list’.

With the action ‘ADD EMAIL TO A LIST’, you can select a user list to add automatically the email address from each message.

Or finally by editing the file directly on disk, the lists are saved by default in the folder:

C:\ProgramData\Namtuk\AEM8\Lists (but it is loaded only when the program starts).

Use action to populate your user lists