What is the file types management?

Modified on Mon, 16 Nov 2020 at 03:07 PM

Automatic Email Manager will process the email attachments to print or save on disk, merge with email body, send by email and much more. But in our decade it is not really safe to process every attachments (viruses and ransomwares are part of our lives now).

That’s the reason why you need to authorize or not each file types, by default Automatic Email Manager has a list of trusted file extensions and a list of forbidden files, at any time you can add a new extension, disable or enable it.

Note: to access the file types management: Click on top menu 'File', then 'Options', section 'Email attachment'.

List of file types available by default.

When a new unknown attachment type is received, Automatic Email Manager doesn’t process it. It is added in the list of new file types to get a confirmation from you (a notification is displayed in the program Automatic Email Manager).

Choose to use internal or external program to print attachments

When you edit a file extension you define:

- The file extension (no need include a dot like .xls)

- The type of process to print:

  • Use internal system: if the extension is managed directly by Automatic Email Manager (like pdf, eml, word, …)
  • Use default application: it will use the installed application which can open the file (for example 3d studio for a dxf file).
  • Use specific application: It will use the desired application to print with the command line arguments.

This function is very important in Automatic Email Manager to let you increase your productivity with your email in a safe environment.

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