Explain me the email data extractor.

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You have the capability to extract specific portions of an email and utilize them for tasks such as printing, saving to disk, or composing a reply. For instance, you can extract a delivery address or a list of products from an email.

To accomplish this, you need to create a template. In the actions section (print email, save email, etc.), you can then select the desired template to utilize.


Step 1: Adding a new model

  • Click on left menu 'Tools', then 'Data extractor edition'.

Find the data extractor

IMPORTANT: Three templates are essential system templates and cannot be deleted:

HTML Body: This template captures all email data in HTML format, if available.

TEXT body: This template captures all email data in TEXT format, if available.

TEXT from HTML conversion: This template converts the email's HTML content to TEXT format, which is useful for printing on receipt printers or working with raw data.

List of templates

Step 2: Specify the data to be extracted

  • Provide a name to identify this template
  • Select the data source: either email data in HTML format (if available), or TEXT data, or the HTML converted into raw text.
  • Indicate the starting and ending positions.

Note: You can view the raw data of an email (if emails are listed in Automatic Email Manager) to determine what you wish to extract.

Edit email data extractor

Step 3: Now you can utilize this template for any action involving the data extractor, such as printing:

  • Add or modify the scenario you want
  • Add or modify a print action
  • Click on 'More options...' and select the template in the selector 'Use these email data'

Print options with the template

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