You can extract only a part of the email and use it to print email, save on disk or send a reply. For example, you can extract a delivery address in email or a list of products...

So, to do this you need to create a template, and then in the actions (print email, save email, ...) you can select the model you need:

Instructions to use article templates

Create a step-by-step guide

Step 1: Adding new model

  • Click on top menu 'Tools', then 'Data extractor edition'. Now you can add or edit a template.

IMPORTANT: There are 3 templates which can't be deleted because it is a system template:

HTML Body: it takes all email data in HTML format if it exists.

TEXT body: it takes all email data in TEXT format if it exists.

TEXT from HTML conversion: it will convert the email HTML to TEXT format, used to print on receipt printer or use raw data.

Data extractor ui

Step 2: Define the data to extract

  • Enter a name to identify this template
  • Choose the data source: email data in HTML format if exists, or the TEXT data, or the HTML converted in raw text.
  • Choose the starting position and ending position

Note: you can display the raw data of an email (if emails are listed in Automatic Email Manager) to see what you want to extract.

Edit the data extractor

Step 3: Now you can use this template to any action using data extractor, for example in printing:

  • Add or edit the group of actions you want
  • Add or edit a print action
  • Now click on 'More options...% and select the template in the selector 'Use these email data'