Backup, save, export, archive your email attachments automatically, this action lets you save them, even converted into PDF...

Save email attachment ui

  • Folder: Set the local or network folder, you can include variables fields. If folder doesn't exist it will be created automatically.
  • File: Enter the filename you want, include fields to get unique filename. You can also use the functions to extract part of the field, read more here »
  • You can set a condition to process only attachment based on filename: As it is describe you can use a condition to print only specific file, for example to print only pdf: 'Contains' '.pdf'
  • Add page number: You can add a stamp of page number
  • Add a stamp: like page number it is stamp added to the page, it can be Received on date, Shipped... what you want in fact.
  • If a PDF need password: If PDF is protected, you can provide the password to use
  • For Excel you can specify sheet(s): If attachment is Excel it can print only a specific Sheet Step 2: Populate the content in the template