Action: Print email and attachments in single print job

Modified on Thu, 27 Jan 2022 at 02:54 PM

By default when you print you have 1 print job per document in your printer queue list, in some case you may need to have only 1 job for multiple document (email + attachments) or have page number for all documents, that's why this action has been created, but there are limitations:

  • Only some attachments types can be merged together: PDF, Word, Excel, Images, txt, xml,...*
  • It takes more time to process this.

Print email and attachment in single job

  • On this printer: It lists all the printers installed, clicking on 'Settings' let you add specifics printer settings like margin, tray, duplex mode,...
  • Add page number: You can add page number in stamp format
  • Add a stamp: Like page number it is stamp added to the page, it can be Received on date, Shipped,... what you want in fact.
  • To save paper, you can group multiple pages per sheet: Select the number of page to print per sheet

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