Guide to Push a message notification to your phone

Modified on Fri, 09 Sep 2022 at 10:57 AM

Sometimes you need to receive an alert/notification, on your phone/tablet, if a specific email reaches your email box, it can be an alarm, a report, a specific order information, ...

To achieve this, we have chosen to work with Pushover, a third party service which works very well and is simple to use:

It works on Android, iPhone & iPad, and desktop browser client, you can receive unlimited push notifications on all of your devices from Automatic Email Manager.


How does it work?

  1. Install the PushOver app on your iPhone/iPad or Android device or register your Desktop browser.
  2. Launch the app and it will walk you through creating a Pushover account and registering your device.
  3. You'll get a new User Key e-mailed to you (which you can always find on your Pushover dashboard). Your User Key is a randomly generated identifier which allows Automatic Email Manager to send Pushover notifications to your devices.
  4. Copy and paste your User Key into Automatic Email Manager and it will instantly be able to start sending notifications to your devices.


The cost is very simple

  • + Free from Automatic Email Manager, 
  • + To use the app on your phone you have to buy the Pushover application, it's just a $5 USD one-time purchase on each platform (iPhone/iPad, Android, and Desktop) where you want to receive Pushover notifications. 
  • + There are no subscription fees for using Pushover.
  • + Try the app for free during 30 days here >

You need less than 5 minutes to setup, follow the instructions:

Set the action 

Step 1: Create or edit a scenario

  • Click on left menu 'Scenarios', then select an existing scenario and click on 'Edit' or click on 'New scenario'.

Steps to add a new scenario

Step 2: Add the action 'Send notification to your phone with Pushover'

Choose action Pushover

Step 3: Settings for the Pushover connection

Settings for Pushover


  • User: This the user key provided by Pushover(in your Pushover dashboard), it will look like this:
    • Pushover user key to receive notification
  • Title: Text which will appears on the notification title on your phone, you can include email fields by clicking on 'Fields'. 
  • Message: Text in the notification body, you can include email fields by clicking on 'Fields'.
  • Button 'Send a test message': Test the user key to receive on your phone a test message.


  • Add a link in notification: You can add a link in the notification (at bottom of the message), enter directly the url of the link.
  • Priority: Messages may be sent with a different priority that affects how the message is presented to the user. Specifying a message priority does not affect queueing or routing priority and only affects how device clients display them.
  • Device name: If you have multiple devices in your Pushover account, you can specify the device you want (name of the device), if empty it will send to all devices of the user.
  • Your own token: This option lets you use your own 10,000 free notification, if you use a lot of notifications we suggest you to use your own Pushover token, contact us to get more information. 

Important: we don't receive or read your notification, it is a service from Pushover.

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