Guide to connect emails to a Telegram messenger

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IMPORTANT: We are not the technical support for TELEGRAM, if you have problem with Telegram contact them directly: Telegram FAQ

Automatic Email Manager gives you the possibility to publish messages on your Telegram messenger, in the channel of your choices. With this action you can send the email of your choices (can be subject, name, email body, list of attachments, ...) with the attachments, each time you receive important emails and or attachments in Telegram messenger, really cool!

Instructions to setup Telegram & Automatic Email Manager


Step 1: Create a simple Telegram Bot

  • Creating a bot is not complex but requires a procedure if you are a beginner. You can find a lot of tutorials over Internet, and you will find official documentation here (Telegram bots). In our case, the simplest Bot is what we need, follow the steps below.

  • Open Telegram messenger (in this case Windows version), and type @Botfather in the search bar to call the Telegram magician assistant, then select it in the results: Telegram messenger bot search

  • Now click on 'START' under the information 'What can this bot do?
  • Type: /newbot

Create simple bots in Telegram

  • You receive an answer from the Botfather assistant which asks you for the name of the bot, then a username for this bot, in my example i used: aemtest2022

Your bot is created, get the token id

  • Please copy the token which is displayed, keep it in safe place it will be used in Automatic Email Manager at step 2.
  • Congratulation your first bot is created, easy, no?

Step 2: Invite your bot to your channel

  • Now you have to invite your bot to the channel(s) you want to receive the Automatic Email Manager messages. Create a new channel or use an existing one and invite your bot (only the creator of the channel can add a bot) like any other participants:
    • Click on header of the channel to display channel infoDisplay channel information to invite
    • Now click on +button to invite, enter the name of your bot in the search, then select the bot name.Invite bot
    • Good, now your Bot is a member of the channel you selected.

  • Get the real Channel ID:
    • Last procedure to communicate with the bot, we need the Telegram channel Id which can be found like this:
    • Open the channel in Telegram, right click on a message in the discussion, and select 'Copy link', paste it in Notepad, it will look like:

      The channel id is the number after the 1579708123

      Append -100 to this number and you get the final Channel Id: -1001579708123Get channel id procedureSorry it is not as simple as it should be, but it is a Telegram procedure...

  • Perfect, it is finished with your first Telegram Bot. If you can't make work, don't hesitate to contact us and explain clearly at which step it fails: Contact us here

Step 3: Add the action in Automatic Email Manager to connect to Telegram

  • Open Automatic Email Manager, go in the scenarios section, edit or create a new scenario, then add the action ‘Send a message to Telegram channel’:Action to send a message to telegram channel

  • Fill the action with your Bot token and the Channel ID: Settings for connector to publish in Telegram
    • Bot token: It is the long key (token) given by Telegram when you created the Bot
    • Channel Id: For private channel you must use the channel number and not the name @MyChannel , please read the section 'Get the real channel ID' above.
    • Message: Here you can enter the message to publish in the Telegram channel, it can include many fields like email Subject, address, email body, list of attachments,...
    • More options: You can also publish the attachments files include in the email, to avoid many files you can use condition to process only specific file like only the .PDF files: Condition to publish only pdf files in Telegram

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