Export emails in a CSV database

Modified on Tue, 13 Sep 2022 at 03:13 PM

Do you need to keep trace of incoming emails into a database? This action is done for you, you can easily get a CSV file with the emails' fields you need. This type of file can be opened in Excel, Word, Access, a text editor, and import in any database as it is standard format.
Each time a new email is processed, it will add to the CSV file the data, you can also save a CSV file per day, month, year,...

To read more about the CSV format, please take a look here >

Add the action

  1. Create or edit a scenario in Automatic Email Manager, and click on Add new action

Add action

        2. Select the action 'Export emails in a CSV database' in the list

Select action to export

        3. CSV is a TEXT based file, you have to choose the column separator, the fields to include and the place to save the file.

Settings to export email in DB

  • Choose the data column separator: By default, a CSV is separated by a comma, additionally you can choose between Tabulation and Semicolon.
  • Choose the email fields: Select the available fields
  • Save to: Define the place to save the file, you can include field to create a file per day, month, account, ...


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