Spintax, what it is and how to use it?

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The term spintax is a contraction of ‘spinning syntax’, Spintax means that the same sentence can be used repeatedly, with a different word being substituted in place of the original word. It is used when Automatic Email Manager manipulate text (fields), it can be when printing, when saving in pdf, but the most important is when you send email (send, reply, forward).
Like this you can send more attractive automatic emails and less repetitive.

You can find a good definition here >

How to enable the use of Spintax in Automatic Email Manager?

Go in the settings, section 'Advanced', you can find the option 'Use spintax'. When enable the action 'Send email', 'Reply email' and 'Forward email' will process every spintax found in the email template.

Automatic Email Manager settings

How to insert Spintax in the email?

Edit the email action (send or reply or forward) and edit the email template with notepad:

The spintax format uses curley braces and the pipe character to encode a list of alternatives from which one is to be chosen, as follows:


Note: this help is not finished.

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