Learn key concepts in Automatic Email Manager

Modified on Mon, 25 Mar 2024 at 01:32 PM

Automatic Email Manager is a powerful software tool designed to operate directly from your PC or server. It ensures that your email management processes are conducted locally, providing a strong commitment to your privacy by not transmitting data to external services or the cloud.

Simple concept: The software connects to your email account and monitors incoming messages. It's programmed to apply specific scenarios -action plans you define- to each email based on your criteria, ensuring that every email is processed efficiently and according to your needs.


An account is a connection to the monitored email box, it supports a wide range of email providers, including but not limited to O365, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, and Yahoo, as well as any email service that offers standard IMAP or POP access. By default, it focuses on unread emails from the last 7 days, but you can customize this setting to align with your preferences, allowing you to specify which emails should be monitored and processed.

Connect to your email box


Scenarios are predefined action plans that dictate how emails are processed once detected. They can include conditions and rules for filtering emails, such as identifying specific keywords in the subject line like 'If contains ORDER'. You can create multiple scenarios to match multiple types of emails, for example if email contains a FAX, do the action to print to office's printer, if it contains an invoice do the action to print to the accounting service and save in PDF to the server...

Scenario settings


An action is the function to apply to the email, it is listed in the scenario. The actions are tasks like printing email body, attachments, saving on disk as PDF, publishing a message in Teams, Slack,... and much more.

Action select

Runs as service

When you install Automatic Email Manager, it automatically installs the Windows service name 'AEM', which let's process the emails even if you are not logged to Windows. You have nothing to do to enable the service, if you have a problem when you are not logged to Windows, then i suggest you this faq.

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