Step 1: Add your first email account

  • Click on tab 'YOUR ACCOUNT(S)', then 'New account'.

Click on add account

Step 2: Enter your email

  • First enter the name of the account which will be displayed in Automatic Email Manager, then enter your email and password.

    Note: the option 'Use the advanced mode to setup account' will skip the automatic settings detection and go to step 3.

  • If you have a Gmail address or an Office 365 address, Automatic Email Manager will open your browser to ask for modern authentification, that's why you don't need to enter the password.

    Enter your email

Step 3: If your email is not known you will have to specify manually

  • Choose the type of email account you want to use, by default and the best is IMAP4, which is the fastest and robust connection type, all major email providers support this protocol.

choose type of connection

Step 4: Specify manually your mail server

  • Enter the mail server, generally it is something like or

    Click on 'Test connection' to check the settings are good.

Step 5: Define the delay between each check

  • You can set Automatic Email Manager to check your email box when emails are present in real time (the PUSH method), but this method is not available for every type of account, only for some IMAP4, Gmail, Exchange and Office365.

    You can also set it to check every 10 minutes, or at specified time: for example, every morning at 09:00 when you open the shop.

    Note: you can use the advanced scheduler to define the days and time ranges you want the account will be checked.

Real time checking or fixed interval

Step 6: Set the actions you want to apply for these emails

  • It is the final step, just choose the groups of actions you want to apply to the emails from this account. You can use same group of actions to multiple accounts, so just click on 'Add a group of Actions', it will list all existings groups, just select the ones your want or create a new one.

    Note: If you want actions to copy or move you need to edit the action from the account, simply because these actions needs the account connection to work, and these actions can't be shared in multiple accounts. (you need to create a new group when copying or moving emails for each account).

Actions to apply on emails